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Welcome to the openFIRST Portal Development Website!

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What is openFIRST?

The openFIRST Portal System is an integrated set of modules which may be used together to create or enhance a web site. It is directed towards teams participating in the FIRST robotics competition. The openFIRST Portal System is a completely student-developed project that has had contributions from a wide variety of teams from Brasil, Canada and the United States.



openFIRST is developed by a number of students from the FIRST Robotics competition teams #1006, #1049, #781, #1075, #1501, #1227, and #1257. You may read more about the developers here. To learn how to contribute to the project, and for a technical reference about writing modifications / patches / enhancements for the openFIRST system, read the openFIRST Contributor's HOWTO. New contributors are always welcome.


USFIRST Robotics

USFIRST is the largest North American robotics competition that has over 800 teams and many competitions yearly. Read more.


openFIRST was developed with:

Microsoft IIS
(Other databases are also supported)

FIRST Top Site

Bugzilla Stats


If you encounter a problem while using the openFIRST system, please report the bug via e-mail or via Bugzilla. We greatly appreciate all bug reports, and will work with you to resolve all issues you encounter while using the openFIRST system, including feature requests and information about customising/extending the system with your own custom coding.

The modules are inter-operable with multiple versions of each other, as long as the major and minor release version is identical (how do I tell?). In general, it is a good idea to use only the most current base version.

Read the README file included with the distributions. Each time you download a new module, or upgrade an existing module, you should run the Module Installer found in the config directory (example: Not doing this can result in problems.

Feel free to take the modules for a test drive on the openFIRST Demo Server. File list is not available at the moment. Please try again later.

The notes below this point are only for those who are curious.

For Linux, there is a download shell script available.

Note on version numbers: The first number is major release, the second is the minor release base version that the package was designed for (it may work with other versions), and the third is the minor release.

Note: For those upgrading from a system released before December, 2003, it is recommended that upgrade all other modules before upgrading the base system. Versions of the base system later than 1.0.1 contain advanced debugging functionality.

It is important to note that although all of our original code is licensed under the GPL, components of some modules may not be licensed under these terms. Currently, the news module RSS scripts are under a proprietary license, see the headers of the RSS Class for more information. It is relatively straight forward to remove the RSS Class from the news module should you not agree with its license.

We encourage you to use the releases as much as possible. You can obtain openFIRST modules source from nightly builds or anonymous CVS. The code in CVS, or in nighly builds is never guaranteed to work correctly, and if something is obviously broken you should not complain about it, this only slows the development process. However, if you feel a need to be more cutting-edge than necessary, or if you desire to contribute code to the openFIRST project, you should access the CVS server, or use a nightly build.

Modules are currently tested with the following web servers:

Apache Web Server Microsoft Internet Information
Services Sambar Web Server

Non-developers may use our Nightly Build System to retrieve the latest version of the software.
Developers should use CVS instead
Important: All users should be aware that the SourceForge releases page ( is *not* updated with the latest system until there is an official release prepared. This process ensures that there are stable releases available while at the same time new features may be prepared and/or tested using the CVS or nightly build versions. If you're a first time user, you probably don't want a nightly build or a version directly from CVS.

© Copyright 2002-2003 by the openFIRST Development Team. All rights reserved.

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