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Welcome to the openFIRST Portal Development Website!

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What is openFIRST?

The openFIRST Portal System is an integrated set of modules which may be used together to create or enhance a web site. It is directed towards teams participating in the FIRST robotics competition. The openFIRST Portal System is a completely student-developed project that has had contributions from a wide variety of teams from Brasil, Canada and the United States.



openFIRST is developed by a number of students from the FIRST Robotics competition teams #1006, #1049, #781, #1075, #1501, #1227, and #1257. You may read more about the developers here. To learn how to contribute to the project, and for a technical reference about writing modifications / patches / enhancements for the openFIRST system, read the openFIRST Contributor's HOWTO. New contributors are always welcome.


USFIRST Robotics

USFIRST is the largest North American robotics competition that has over 800 teams and many competitions yearly. Read more.


openFIRST was developed with:

Microsoft IIS
(Other databases are also supported)

FIRST Top Site

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The openFIRST project would like to salute the following volunteers for their excellence and knowledge during the coding, testing and release phases of the project and the patience and dedication they've shown toward the project. Not all volunteers are listed; those who are not may feel free to add themselves and their profile here.

Hackergotchi Member Role
[Hackergotchi] Tim Ginn Founding Member/Administrator (previously Programmer)
[Hackergotchi] David Di Biase Founding Member/Advisor (previously Programmer)
[Hackergotchi] Greg I. Team Coder (graduated), now Advisor
[Hackergotchi] Stephanie Closs Public Relations/Fundraising
[Hackergotchi] Jamie Bliss New—PHP core programmer
[Hackergotchi] Bharat Nain Advisor / No defined role
[Hackergotchi] Joshua May Advisor / No defined role
[Hackergotchi] Larry Johnston Previously Code Validator, Webmaster (now Advisor)
[Hackergotchi] Chris Pellett ASP coding leader (graduated)


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